• I have been collecting and specializing in Argus photographic items for the past 35 years.
  • I have listed items which I am particularly interested in buying.  The price after each of the items listed is what I will pay if the item if it is in EXCELLENT CONDITION or better. 
  •  I am interested in all of these items in ANY CONDITION (even items only for parts) but I will pay less if they are not in at least Excellent Condition. 
  • I will pay a premium price for any of these items in the original Argus box.
  • THIS IS NOT AN ALL INCLUSIVE LISTING.  Please contact me if you believe you have a rare Argus item for sale.
  • I will buy one or one hundred items.
  • Please email me at ArgusCollector@yahoo.com.  I will get back with you as quickly as I can.  Feel free to call me at 801-388-3432 or 801-782-0333. 
  • I am ALWAYS interested in ALL RARE or UNUSUAL Argus item!



    • MODEL A with serial numbers lower than 1360. ($100)
    • MODEL A with the white or cream body. ($3,000)
    • MODEL A marked “MINCA”, “CINTAR”, or “MINCA CINTAR” on the lens ring. ($400)
    • MODEL A3 black military model. ($3,000)
    • MODEL A with the DON focusing mount.  ($65)
    • MODEL B with the Prontor shutter. ($200)
    • MODEL CC or Colorcamera if it is the black military version with no meter on the top of camera. ($3,000)
    • MODEL C, C-2 or C-3 in the military olive drab color. ($3,000)
    • MODEL C with the F/S selector switch.  ($250)
    • MODEL C, C-2 or C-3 marked “MINCA” or “MINCA CINTAR” on the lens ring. ($300)
    • MODEL C-2 or C-3 marked in Meters instead of Feet around the focusing scale.  ($250)
    • MODEL C-3 that is FACTORY Gold Plated.  ($5,000)
    • MODEL C-3 and Super 75 in the School Use Kits.  These kits come with one C-3 and two Super 75 cameras.  Cameras will have a metal “For School Use” badge on the camera.  Price is for the kit.  ($300)
    • MODEL C-3 kit with the Bausch and Lomb 75mm lens.  Camera and lens come in the box.  Box is marked with a silver sticker stating the camera comes with the Bausch and Lomb 75mm lens.  ($300)
    • Argus C-3 kit with the C-3 camera, 35mm Sandmar lens, 100mm Sandmar lens and Argus C-3 gadget bag.  ($300)
    • Model C-3 Golden Shield Match-Matic in the box.  I am NOT interested in the camera alone.  I am only interested in the camera in the box or the box alone.  ($300)
    • MODEL D or “Argus Automatic.”  This camera looks somewhat similar to the Argus Model K but it may have a spring loaded film winder and/or other modifications. ($3,000)
    • MODEL EXAR which is similar to the Model K but the camera is labeled simply “EXAR.”   ($3,000)
    • MODEL K which will be simply marked “K” (it is NOT marked “MODEL K”). ($3,000)
    • MODEL K with a serial number below 1020 or serial numbers above 3200. ($195)
    • MODEL K with an “ARGUS” plate on the inside of camera.  ($195)
    • Argoflex II. ($750)
    • MODEL 21 or Markfinder with the lens focusing scale around the lens barrel marked in feet AND in meters ($250)
    • C-4 with simulated alligator covering in red, brown, blue, or green WITH the matching case. ($400)
    • C-4 with the Black Anodized Body and Lens. ($700)
    • MODEL 75 with a White or Cream colored body. ($3,000)
    • Autronic camera labeled on the top of the camera with "Autronic A35" or "Autronic II 240" or "Autronic Model 240.”  ($75)
    • Argus A-four with the accessory handbag/purse in green, blue or tan. ($400)
    • MODEL 374 Electronic transparent camera.  ($100)
    • Underwater housings for the C-3, C-4, or C-44. ($200)
    • Argus C-44 presentation case.  This case has room for the camera, lenses, finder, and other accessories.  Price is for case, camera, and other items.  ($150)
    • Arguskit which includes the Model A camera with matching accessories in a cabinet style case.  ($400)
    • Any Prototype camera such as C-5, Argus Stereo Camera (the METAL camera and NOT the plastic camera), Model 12, Model D,  EXAR, etc.  ($3,000 and higher!)
    • Any rare or unusual camera not listed. (BIG BUCKS!)


    • MODEL A Microscope adaptor made by Argus.  ($500)
    • MODEL C, C-2 or C-3 Microscope adaptor made by Argus.  ($500)
    • Photar light meter marked either “MINCA” or “MINCA CINTAR.” ($150)
    • Argus microfilm/microfiche viewer. ($300)
    • DON focusing mount for the Argus A.  ($50)
    • MODEL K boxes that are MINT. ($100)
    • MODEL C (NOT C-2 or C-3) boxes that are MINT. ($75)
    • Some Model C-2 boxes that are MINT.  ($50)
    • Argus camera boxes with the “MERRY CHRISTMAS” paper ribbon that are MINT.  ($50 and higher)
    • Argus military boxes. ($40 and higher)
    • Arguspan 35mm film or 828 film (NOT 127 film). ($25)
    • First Argus Tripod (NOT the modern versions) and/or the tilt top head for the Argus tripod and/or the case for the Argus tripod.  I will buy tripod items individually.  ($200 for all three items)
    • Instruction books for the Model K, C-3 with F/S selector, Golden Shield and other rare models.  ($25)
    • Argus or International Industries Incorporated (I.I.I. or III) Observation Scope in the military olive drab color and marked "M49 Observation Telescope."  With matching olive drab tripod and olive drab case.  ($500)
    • Argus CM-2 coupled light/exposure meter for the C-33 and C-44 cameras with the shutter speeds marked on the main part of the meter barrel and NOT on the meter’s shutter coupling dial.  ($75)
    • Old Argus binoculars.  I am NOT interested in the modern Argus binoculars. ($50 and higher)
    • Any rare or unusual accessory not listed.  (BIG BUCKS!)


    • Black Sandmar 35mm and 100 mm in the clear plastic bubble case for the C-3. ($25)
    • Bausch and Lomb 75mm lens for the C-3 WITH the matching 75mm metal mask AND matching case.  ($75)
    • Zeika lenses for C-3. ($50).  If marked “ARGUS” with the “G” blacked out ($100)
    • 53mm F/2.0 Screw Mount Lithagon lens for the C-3. ($500)
    • Stinheil 35mm f/2.8 Cintagon (NOT f/4.5) lens for the Argus C-44. ($500)
    • Any rare or unusual lens not listed.  (BIG BUCKS!)

Darkroom equipment:

    • 50mm f/3.5 Cintar ENLARGING LENS (NOT the lens for the camera-this is a specific lens is designed specifically for enlarging.). ($150)
    • Argus F-R kit with the model 75 camera which comes with miscellaneous darkroom equipment.  ($300)
    • Argus developing paper, developing chemicals, and similar developing items. ($40-$200)
    • Darkroom printers, dryers, and safelights.  ($50 and higher)
    • Argus enlargers if they are in the original box.  I am NOT interested in enlargers unless they are in the box.  ($200)
    • Any rare or unusual darkroom equipment not listed.  (BIG BUCKS!)

Miscellaneous Argus Item:

    • Argus Eyes publications, Argus Dealer News publications, Employee bulletins, Employee manuals, Employee service medals, letters to/from Argus, Argus envelopes, Argus calendars, other Argus publications, etc.   ($3 to $100)
    • Pens, pencils, cigarette lighters, letter openers, etc. with the Argus name and/or the Argus logo.  ($15 and higher)
    • Dealer signs, display mats, display stands, metal advertising signs, cardboard advertising signs, advertising clocks, employee badges, tie clips, team sport jerseys, etc.  ($5 to $250 and MORE!)
    • Annual reports, stock reports, stock certificates, etc.  ($5 to $100)
    • Desk clocks with the Argus logo.  ($100)
    • Advertising “GIANTS.”  These are display/advertising cameras that are approximately 5 times larger when compared to the actual camera.  They are made out of wood.  Includes the Model 40, Model 75, C-3, C-4, and A-4.   ($700)
    • Any rare or unusual Argus item not listed.  (BIG BUCKS!)

Miscellaneous Items Related To Argus: 

    • Kadette radios made by the International Radio Corporation in plastic (NOT wood).  ($100-$3,000)
    • Items made by the International Appliance Company or the International Radio Corporation like the Glide electric shaver, straight razors, safety razors or razor blades.  ($25 and up)

Thanks are extended to Wesley Furr, Phil Sterritt, Ron Norwood, Mike Reitsma, and Bob Kelly.
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